Safety Supplies and Equipment

Thom Lee worked as a manufacturers’ representative for various safety lines and as a sales rep for a distributor in Northern New Jersey. Thom ventured out on his own and created Lee Safety in 1994. To serve the Philadelphia market his distribution company provided his customers with the right products to keep their employees safe on the job and return to their families after the work day. These customers include those in construction, infrastructure, municipalities, pharmaceuticals, utilities, governmental, manufacturing and environmental remediation. Among the many satisfied customers include PECO, Skanska, City of Philadelphia, Fortune 100 companies and small business enterprises. In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, he worked closely with emergency management agencies, Homeland Security, Local, County, State and the Federal Government to aid and assist with their extensive personal protection needs.

If you want your next purchase of safety equipment and supplies to receive the attention it deserves, place it with Lee Safety. You’ll experience the value first hand with every order.

Adding First Aid Service

In 2010, one of Thom’s biggest customers asked if he would be interested in servicing first aid cabinets. Throughout his career, from time to time, customers would ask if he offered first aid service. He typically directed them to another company that was already in that business. But things changed in 2010. The main company providing first aid cabinet service was developing a reputation for inflated prices and questionable ethics. Thom didn’t want to leave his customer high and dry and began discussing their needs in providing employees with the appropriate first aid supplies at their various locations to comply with OSHA and MSHA requirements.

With his experience, training and access to any industrial first aid product available, he offered his services and started taking care of several of their locations. Over the years, his customer asked him to expand the service territory. Now, from the Poconos, throughout Delaware, South Jersey and as far west to Harrisburg, Thom exclusively services all of their first aid kits company wide.


Now, he’s ready to help your company. If you have a first aid program that needs some attention or has been ignored and require a complete overhaul, consider utilizing Thom Lee at Lee Safety. He will get you up to compliance and take that worry off your shoulders. He’s easily reached at 610-883-6730 or at tlee@leesafety.com. Thank you for the opportunity to service the first aid needs of your workforce.
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