The size of your safety supplier is not related to the level of satisfaction it will provide. Otherwise, everybody would buy their products from just one company-the biggest one. Lee Safety is a Small Business, but that doesn't mean we are small in service. We have many resources to find the products you need and deliver them on time. We are not limited to what's in stock or what is on order with the purchasing department. Through our network of suppliers, your purchase order will be filled and shipped according to your schedule, not ours.

Thom Lee, the owner of Lee Safety is determined to make sure you are completely happy with the service you receive. Included among the many happy customers are the United States Federal Government, State Government Agencies, Fortune 100 companies and mom-pop enterprises. When you order supplies from Lee Safety, you'll be in good company. Give us a call at 610-384-8269 and put us to work.